Founded in 2002, BW3 successfully delivers innovative programmes, activities and events, working in partnership with local businesses, education providers and the community. BW3 is about building on the strengths of the local area, galvanising volunteer time, funds and resources to inspire and support positive change.

Social value

BW3 runs several projects that create opportunities for businesses and individuals to get involved, engage and interact together. BW3 projects are aimed at building and growing the local economy and inspiring the attainment of education and skills.

Impact analysis

Engaged University of Manchester’s, Alliance Manchester Business School to complete an independent social impact study of the BW3 aspirational mentoring programme; which found that for every £1 donated, £116 is generated in social value to the wider UK economy.

Results driven

Since its launch in 2011, the aspirational mentoring programme has helped 88% of mentored students into full time training, employment or university. James Eldon, principal of Manchester Enterprise Academy described it as a “revolution in aspiration.”

Networking opportunities

Typically 80 to 100 people attend the free BW3 Gateway business networking events from across 65 different businesses. 100% rate the event as being very good to excellent.

Inspiring attainment

Newly piloted in 2018, ‘Primary School of the Year’ generated a range of additional business-led support opportunities, helping to raise standards in key subject areas and creating the right environment for pupils to aim high.

Building for the future

In addition to up-scaling existing projects, BW3 is also evaluating new initiatives such as an over 50s employment project, mentoring for workless adults and supporting a “High School/College of the Year”.

Robust framework

BW3 works on a structure of committee members and sub-committee teams, each containing a variety of proactive, passionate experts from diverse socio economic and business backgrounds. With subject matter experts on each sub-committees there is devolved power to ensure BW3 responds in a timely and appropriate way to local needs.


BW3 have built robust monitoring and evaluation tools that capture results, outcomes and cost benefit analysis. BW3 can help participating businesses to define the benefits of being involved. For example: 65% of BW3 member businesses experienced an increase in employee productivity after an employee’s participation in BW3 activities.

Attracting future talent and customers

If you share BW3’s common goal of supporting local people, via a range of measurable employment, skills, education and community initiatives then why not join us? Studies suggest that to attract future employees and customers, businesses need to demonstrate how they are responsible.

Our Constitution

As part of our commitment to fulfilling our vision and values, BW3 have written a full constitution, which sets out the framework for its activities. You can download the constitution by clicking here.