BW3 had another successful year in 2017-18, providing more community initiatives with the support of over 170 socially responsible business partners and members.

For business:

  • 174 members, 57% of which actively engaged in BW3 initiatives (one or many).
  • Galvanised 4,000 hours of volunteer time.
  • More than 100 people and 65 different businesses regularly attend the Wythenshawe Business Gateway (up 20% on last year).
  • Gateway events were rated as being very good to excellent by 100% of attendees.

For schools:

  • The Aspirational Mentoring Programme attracted 39% more mentors and 7% more mentees after the headteacher of Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA) described the programme as creating a “revolution in aspiration”.
  • 88% of students with a mentor went on to university, employment or full-time training.
  • The primary school workshop, Numbers at Work, engaged 170 pupils with 100% acknowledging the importance of maths as a result.
  • The inaugural School of the Year benefited from 14 different initiatives.
  • BW3 provided 82% of the volunteers for Benchill Primary School’s World Book Day.

For the community and economy:

  • Alliance Manchester Business School completed a social impact study that found for every £1 donated to BW3, £116 is generated in social value.

If you would like to read more from the AGM, please find a link to the Chairs Report here.

About the Social Impact Study

Starting in December 2017, in partnership with University of Manchester’s, Alliance Manchester Business School and 5 of their MBA student cohort, BW3 looked to quantify the impact of the work delivered and to understand what motivates supporters and local businesses to get involved.

The findings revealed that members get genuine satisfaction from their participation, with over half also stating that they are willing to give more time or funding. 65% of businesses also said they experienced an increase in employee productivity after an employee has participated in BW3 activities.

Incredibly the study also revealed that for every £1 of employee time given, there is a £116 economic investment benefit to the wider UK economy – a great testimony to the hard work and contribution BW3 and its supporters provide.

Mentoring for young students

This years cohort of students were very successful in converting the time, experience, knowledge and support given by their mentees with many of them going on to university, employment or full time training. A sixth form teacher at MEA commented; “Aspirational mentoring is the biggest mechanism of support that we offer our students. It’s phenomenal and worthwhile and helps change people’s thoughts, aspirations and outcomes. It is absolutely vital that it continues.”

Primary School of the Year

This was a new trial initiative for BW3 in 2017-18 and much was achieved. Chosen because of existing links and an understanding of the schools many on-going challenges, Benchill Primary School and BW3 worked together to deliver 14 different events and initiatives.

Head teacher Helen Eken said of the trial, “As we come to the end of the school year we can reflect on what an amazing experience it has been for our children. We have had so many opportunities and support from so many people and we have made some fantastic memories that we know will stay with our children forever. We have made life long connections that we know will continue to develop and grow and we are so grateful for the opportunities BW3 have provided and supported us with to give our children some once in a life time experiences that they will never forget.”

Designed to support key aspects such as attainment, effort and progress, raising aspirations, pupil, parent and staff engagement, business engagement and the productivity delivered back to participating business – BW3 are now looking to measure the overall impact of the different events and initiatives delivered.

The next School of the Year will be chosen by process of application and all primary schools in the Wythenshawe area will be eligible and invited to apply. If local schools are interested in applying, then look out for the application form as it is now available on the new BW3 website.

Moving Forward

Success in this last 12 months has come from maintaining a focused, strategic agenda, appropriate to the aspirations of BW3 and the needs of the community, mindful of the limited funding and resources available.

The committee and its sub committees contain various committed, subject matter experts from a diverse range of sectors who are well place to provide insight and direction. BW3 also plan to progress with plans agreed at the strategy day and to raising funds to ensure its financial independence and sustainability.

BW3 remains focused around delivering to its 4 matras of; volunteering, inspiring, innovating and supporting.

Thanks and acknowledgements

At the AGM, thanks and acknowledgements we appropriately given to all those that have contributed financially and by giving their time, knowledge and experience to BW3 and its programme of events and initiates. More details can be found in the Chairs Report in the link provided below.

If you would like to read more from the AGM, please find a link to the Chairs Report here.

And if you would like to get involved please contact Zara Rudkin, BW3 Co-ordinator by email at