Much has been achieved, delivered and learnt with our inaugural primary school of the year 2017-18, Benchill Primary School, and now it’s time to open the applications for the 2018-19 academic year.

To trial this initiative BW3 partnered with Benchill Primary School because of existing links and an understanding of the schools on going challenges. Recognised as an area of economic deprivation, the proportion of disadvantaged pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium is well above the national average.

  • In 2016-17, 308 out of the total 556 pupils (56%) were eligible for free school meals, which costs £393,360 per annum to provide.
  • In the UK census 2011, 23% of residents of Benchill were reported as having left school with no qualifications.

What’s it all about?

By drawing on core skills and competencies within BW3 and in response to the needs of the school over 14 different events and initiatives have been delivered including;

  • The translation of the school prospectus in to 7 languages to support and engage its diverse range of attendees and parents.
  • The provision of a tangible school mascot in the form of a wooden ant sculpture which represents an ant’s hard work and team work.
  • A “reading bench” in conjunction with Read MCR and World Book Day reading sessions.
  • Two “What’s My Job?” event to and visit by Greater Manchester Police to inspire and help pupils identify career opportunities.
  • Delivery of “StreetAdvice” to facilitate signposting to financial, legal and whole family wellbeing.

Testament to the value BW3 deliver, during the “What’s My Job?” event in December 2017, 53 children benefited and 14 different people from member businesses were involved. For World Book Day, 82% of people that participated were as result of BW3. A big thanks to all those that participated.

School of the Year 2018-19

Following this successful trial, for the academic year 2018-19, the next Primary School of the Year will be chosen by process of application and all primary schools in the Wythenshawe area will be eligible and invited to apply.

The application form requires schools to identify challenges and strengths, to identify where they think BW3 and its business partners and members can support, defines a framework for delivery and importantly requires partners to engage in benchmarking, surveying and measurement.

Measuring success

In partnership with the chosen school and contributing sponsors and businesses, BW3 will define and measure what impact the School of the Year initiatives have had. This will include evaluating key aspects such as attainment, effort and progress, raising aspirations, pupil, parent and staff engagement, business engagement, the productivity delivered back to participating business as well as cost benefit analysis. These measures will be made available for all those that contribute to promote.

The deadline for applications was 6 July 2018 and is now closed until next year.

There is also a supporting document containing a number of frequently asked questions (FAQs) available here.

Want to get involved?

If you, your business or a group of people you work with would like to get involved of sponsor an activity or event please contact Zara Rudkin, BW3 Co-ordinator by email on Here’s some examples of how you can contribute:

  • Share your favourite book or read extracts from a kids classic on World Book Day – you can even dress up if you want!
  • Describe, act out and wear your uniform (unless it gives you away!) at the “what’s my line” events – a great way to inspire students to take up a career they may never have thought of. One guess at a time the students try to work out what you do for a living.
  • Create a Numbers at Work activity which showcases how you and your work colleagues use maths to solve problems at work and help the students understand the importance of attaining basic qualifications whilst having fun.
  • Help to fund raise for something that will really add value to a child’s education – for now and for forever. For Benchill Primary School this took the form of a school mascot which came to life on school uniform and also as a sculpture in the school grounds.
  • Would you like to sponsor the schools PE kit, uniform or merchandise? Are you a signage specialist or recycling expert? Other co-branded opportunities are available and if you can educate the school and students how to save costs, BW3 are all ears.
  • Increasingly schools have to fund for additional support to deliver things like pre-school attainment guidance for parents e.g. with readiness for school potty training; and a recent study found that nationally school budgets for mental health have come under increasing pressure.
  • Could you sponsor or provide breakfast essentials to ensure that students can be ready and focused for their day ahead of learning? Studies have identified that eating a nutritious breakfast improves a child’s learning capability.

If you have products, services and/or skills that can be put to good use, BW3 are keen to hear from you. Please email for more information or with any queries.