Since the country went into lock-down on the 23rd March 2020 BW3 businesses have looked at what they can do to support the local community and how they can help other businesses to adapt and survive the drastic changes to our daily lives. 

Each week we bring to you good news stories about what BW3 Businesses are doing in Wythenshawe.

BW3 Member Julia Wolfendale, whose business On The Up Consulting Ltd  is a purposefully positive organisation, working with people and organisations to help, through coaching and consulting, to discover strengths, purpose, and motivations to be the best they can be. On The Up work with both businesses and schools using bespoke programmes and coaching tools to unlock potential.

Following the national COVID lockdown Julia had to look at new ways of reaching out to support businesses.  With the help of colleague Kevin Sanders, Business Consultant and Coach from 23 Degrees Business Solutions Ltd they put together two free webinars tackling personal resilience and how to strengthen businesses to enable them to bounce back.

The feedback they received from whose who took part was that they enjoyed the originality and how engaging the content was, with lots of takeaways. This positivity has encouraged them to put together a comprehensive programme of online sessions on the most pressing issues to help businesses right now.

These will be a paid for series but Julia has offered a special offer for BW3 Members with an Exclusive 10% Off for BW3 members! Enter the code BW3 when you book online 

The programme will cover the most pertinent topics that matter most to Business Owners:- Session 1- Boost your personal and business resilience to get through these tough times – 7th May 8-9am
Session 2 – Are People at the Heart of your Business? – 11th May 8am-9am
Session 3. – What Is Your Core Purpose? – 14th May 8am-9am
Session 4 – Time To Change?  – 18th May 8am-9am
Session 5 – Should I Stay or Should I Go? – 21st May 8am-9am

If you are quick there are still some places left at 50% off on the early bird offer, so you may bag an even bigger discount than 10%!

Creating a Cyber Resilient Greater Manchester against the Coronavirus Online Crime Surge

Business Working With Wythenshawe Member – The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester, a not-for-profit venture between Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital with a mission to make the region’s business community cyber resilient, would like to offer a FREE three month membership for local businesses of up to 100 employees to improve their cyber resilience during the COVID-19 outbreak. This includes tailored advice, regular cyber news updates and useful tools.

Action Fraud reported a 400% increase in COVID-19 related crimes and scams in March alone. As many businesses have fewer staff members checking online systems and more staff working remotely, more vulnerabilities are present for cyber criminals to exploit during this chaotic time

Cybercrime is already estimated to cost the Greater Manchester economy a whopping £860 million a year. Many businesses struggle financially to cope with the aftermath of breaches and attacks.

Detective Superintendent Neil Jones from Greater Manchester Police says ‘’During this time of crisis, businesses of all sizes are falling victim to online crime. The Cyber Resilience Centre’s offer of support will help many become more resilient against cybercrime.’’

To register for membership, simply contact or fill in the application on the website

Manchester Airport is a major employer in Wythenshawe with 22,500 staff. Due to Covid-19, the vast majority were furloughed due to the near shut down of the aviation sector. However, airport workers still wanted to support the community, and have worked on many different projects to help local people and organisations as best they can.

For example, the team were kept busy trying to work out what to do with thousands of in-flight meals that were no longer needed with planes being grounded, where to store this amount of food and how to make sure this food is distributed to the right people in the community.

The Airport and partners pulled together a plan, with thanks to Wayne Gandy from Alpha LSG, who secured a pallet of 2,800 meals. XPO offered to refrigerate and store it at their cargo unit at the airport and volunteers will be delivering the meals to a wide range of recipients including Wythenshawe Main food bank Hub.

Manchester Airport has also secured eight volunteer drivers from its furloughed workforce to deliver essential food and medications to elderly and vulnerable people, working in partnership with Wythenshawe Good Neighbours. Volunteer driving slots are still available if anyone else would like to come forward?

All year round, the Airport does a lot to support older people in the local area and recognised that many will be separated from friends and family during this time, so wanted to help. They have sent out more than 180 post cards to Woodhouse Park Residents who attend their Autumn Leaves party.

The team has then created a dedicated telephone line for these people, and anyone else who hears about it, to enable local people to arrange a phone call with an airport worker. It is widely recognised that simple measures like a conversation can have a huge impact on someone who is feeling lonely, as well as helping to sign post them to vital services.

If your company is offering support, or if doing something different since this situation began and you would like to share this, please let know. It would be great to hear positive news of how your business is providing support in these challenging times.