Business Working with Wythenshawe (BW3) has received funding from Manchester City Council’s Our Manchester Investment Fund, providing two years of financial support to BW3’s development. The funding will be used to deliver a direct, demonstrable and sustainable return to the community across Wythenshawe. It will also provide a model that can be used in other areas of the city.

BW3 has strong relationships with member businesses, schools and other local stakeholders to make a real difference to the economic development of Wythenshawe by working together. The funding will support new initiatives and see additional provision for a range of existing projects that contribute to the delivery of the priorities set out in the Our Manchester Strategy.

BW3 will increase the reach and impact of its Aspirational Mentoring Programme, support a new High School of the Year and further develop the popular Numbers at Work project.

In addition to enhancing the scope and reach of its established interventions, BW3 has made a commitment to increasing the engagement of businesses volunteering in our local neighbourhoods. This will maximise corporate social opportunity for businesses as well as connecting residents to economic growth which fully supports the Our Manchester Strategy ambition for a ‘highly skilled city’.

Residents will have a greater awareness of career opportunities, and BW3 will develop further the links between practical learning and careers in schools. Businesses will receive support to engage with the community in a meaningful and lasting way.

The Our Manchester funding  will enable BW3 to use its experience of raising aspirations and creating opportunities in Wythenshawe, to support and inspire the wider community.

A new programme of work will include project delivery for SEN pupils, adults, and a wider range of school ages, along with promoting apprenticeships and an age friendly employment culture.

We share the Our Manchester vision for a city where everyone can succeed, a city that looks after its people, and a city we can be proud to say is ours.