Our November Numbers at Work workshop took place at Haveley Hey Primary School and involved 59 children from Year 6, and 23 business people from the following businesses:

Together Money, Laing O’Rourke, Tempo Marketing, One Advice Group, City in the Community, Microsoft, WOW Zone, Manchester City Council, and Manchester Airports Group.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day as evidenced by some of the comments received when asked what they had learned from the day:

I didn’t really like maths before today but now I love maths.

I understand now that maths is used for everything.

How to spend money better.

That maths isn’t always boring and sometimes it’s amazing.

I really liked how we played games to learn maths. I wish we could do it all the time.

I really loved today it has got to be the best day in year!

Staff were asked what they thin are the main benefits to pupils of Numbers at Work:

To see people from different professions and to see how their education will be implemented in future jobs.

A better understanding of the value of money.