Numbers At Work

Numbers at Work supports the Our Manchester vision of a highly skilled city…

“A ‘knowledge’ city where all Manchester children are given the opportunity to go to excellent schools that will prepare them for the very competitive future job market.”

BW3 currently supports three primary schools each year with Numbers at Work. With 19 primary schools in Wythenshawe, we need to do more.

For a list of businesses currently delivering an activity, download more about Numbers at Work.

100% of students who take part in Numbers at Work confirm they have a greater understanding of maths in the workplace.

How much time is involved?

If you volunteer to be a team leader (assisting the pupils as they go around the activities), please allow up to 3.5 hours per event.

If your business can help with designing and running an activity, please allow the same time plus a little more to plan and create the activity. Support is available for this if required.

Can you or your business help us to reach our target of 6 schools per year during 2018/19? Please get in touch with our co-ordinator, Zara, on 07931 825324 or click the button below.

Feedback from Children

The children particularly enjoyed using spreadsheets to record results of their juice making and research exercise, also using tablets to design their ideal house layout.

Some comments include:

I didn’t know that footballers needed maths.

I didn’t realise maths is used in video games.

I learnt that if I opened a smoothie shop, I would need maths for materials as well as money.

Feedback from Volunteers & Teachers

The children were learning without them realising it.

It is learning in a fun environment.

Loved the football – I even learned how to dribble!