Primary and Secondary School of The Year 

In 2017, BW3 piloted a new project, ‘School of the Year’. The inaugural school – Benchill Primary – benefited from a range of extra business led support.

This included the provision of design and marketing expertise, and development of a fun careers event called ‘What’s My Job?’

We also established a mentoring project where our 6th form student mentees themselves mentored students at Benchill Primary School, to help ease the transition from their last year in primary education to the start of high school.

School of the Year is about building stronger relationships with our local schools and having the opportunity to test and pilot new initiatives, by listening and learning to the needs of the school. 

We have so far worked with five schools, most recently Saint Pauls High School and Button Lane Primary (extended to two years due to COVID restrictions).  We are pleased to announce BW3 would like to continue to offer this opportunity and ask that schools apply.

BW3 would be looking to work with the school to create and develop initiatives to support the school, as well as building a programme of support to be delivered by local businesses.

Schools can apply in May to be the School of the Year for the following September. 

Applications are now open from Wythenshawe primary schools and high schools – click on link below . Closing date is 17 June 2022. 

  • Foreign Language translation  –  BW3 members offered to translate the school prospectus and other written material that goes home with pupils to support the school’s diversity.  We had volunteers offering translation in Polish, Italian, Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish, Akan/Twi-Fante, Ghana.
    These volunteers also attended the school to take part in group ‘chats’ to enable the pupils to talk to someone in their spoken language, to give them the opportunity to have help with their English or just to be able to express themselves in their own language.  This enabled the school to support their students and make them feel part of the school environment.
  • Marketing support – the school asked for advice on the best way to market their pre-school/nursery provision
  • Reading bench – in conjunction with Read MCR
  • World Book Day – two events
  • Street Advice – free events with local organisations offering financial, wellbeing, housing and legal advice for parents
  • What’s My Job? – showcasing different careers
  • Numbers at Work – maths workshop
  • School Mascot – wooden carving donated by a member business
  • Lowry Theatre – school drama workshop
  • School governor opportunities for members
  • Greater Manchester Police experience – the students were able to see horses, riot police and police vehicles.
  • Aspirational Mentoring 
  • Mock Interviews
  • Meet the Employer
  • 3 L’s – Look With, Learn With, Link With

As we come to the end of the school year and our time as the BW3 “School of the Year”, we can reflect on what an amazing experience it has been for our children.

We have had so many opportunities and support from so many people and we have made some fantastic memories that we know will stay with our children forever.

Some of the highlights for us include having our first school mascot being brought to life in the form of an amazing wood sculpture, which can be found at the front of the school, being gifted a voucher for a theatre workshop at The Lowry Theatre and welcoming some amazing people in to school, who took part in our What’s My Job? Session. We were lucky enough to have the police horses visit along with the police to talk about the different jobs they do, many volunteers gave their time on World Book Day and we have made strong links with the local high school.

We have made life long connections that we know will continue to develop and grow and we are so grateful for the opportunities BW3 have provided and supported us with to give our children some once in a life time experiences that they will never forget.

Helen Eken

Benchill Primary School Headteacher

Would your school like to be our Primary School of the Year / High School Of The Year 2022/23?

If it is based in M22 or M23 postcodes, please download the relevant form and return to us by 17 June 2022.

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