BW3 Experiences

We know that gaining life experience and getting prepared for the world of work is about so much more than just what is learned in the classroom.

We also know that many young people in particular communities don’t get the same chances to broaden their horizons as others. That is why we have created BW3 Experiences. Launched in 2022 as part of our 20th anniversary programme, it has a simple goal – to give young people an experience they would not otherwise get.

Initially launched with our High School of the Year, BW3 is partnering with major arts organisation in the region to take a group of students on a visit to a theatre or music show, combined with a workshop that combines the arts with education. For many taking part, it will be the first time they have experienced a live performance, with some rarely venturing outside their local community.

Having launched BW3 Experiences, we want to grow this programme with the support of our members businesses, so that as many students as possible in Wythenshawe can benefit as possible. If you would be interested in sponsorship opportunities, to help more young people get an experience they will never forget, which can help shape their future, then get in touch.


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