Aspirational Mentoring

BW3’s Aspirational Mentoring programme establishes informal and supportive one-to-one relationships between BW3 business professionals and students from Wythenshawe. BW3’s successful, growing, mentoring programme for young people has provided guidance and support to over 300 pupils, across four schools and colleges in Wythenshawe. Trained mentors (who have gone through the BW3 mentoring training programme and a Disclosure & Barring Service check), work with students of various ages to help them reach their full potential.

Aspirational Mentoring is the biggest mechanism of support that we offer our students; it is phenomenal and worthwhile. It helps change people’s thoughts, aspirations and outcomes. It is vital that it continues.

Aspirational Mentoring helps students to recognise and develop their own strengths and skills with the support of adults who bring along wider experiences and perspectives. The mentoring relationship is one-to-one, with half to one-hour meetings held regularly with the young person in school. If appropriate, as the relationship grows we would encourage meetings to take place away from school and in a workplace environment.

We are looking to expand our Aspirational Mentoring programme to support more Wythenshawe residents, with opportunities available to work with young people at schools and colleges in Wythenshawe and new for 2023 – Loreto and Xavierian Sixth Form Colleges. The programme has been hugely successful and has supported over 300 students since launched in 2011.

To meet demand from schools and colleges for Aspirational Mentoring we would like to invite those who are interested in becoming a mentor to attend a half day training session  – several dates available throughout the year.

Become a Mentor

We need additional volunteers to enable us to offer this service to more young people. Please contact our co-ordinator, Zara, on 07931 825324 or fill in the form below and we will be in touch!